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Adidas Kettle Bell

  • Constructed with heavy duty iron, the bells have a flat base to sit firmly on the floor to perform a large number of exercises.
  • When you swing a kettlebell, it might look like it’s a shoulder exercise,
  • actually 70% of the power is coming from your legs and buttocks.
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Adidas Leather Weight Lifting Belt

  • Designed for maximum back and core support when performing heavy lifts.
  • The fully lined wide leather weightlifting belt features a built-in cushioned lumbar pad to help alleviate strain on the back muscles by keeping the back aligned during each lift.
  • Cushioned lumbar support, Dual belt loops. 71cm – 89cm with metal buckle
  • Black colour
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Adidas Nylon Weight Lifting Belt

  • Layers of nylon and rigid padding create a comfortable and structured fit designed to complement and assist the muscles of the torso during training and in particular heavier lifts.
  • A fully adjustable Velcro closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Useful for bracing the abdominal wall and creating intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Cushioned lumbar support
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Cosco Belgium football

  • Entry Level Training Balls made with Imported PVC, Hand Sewn,
  • Recommended for Recreational
  • Size /Panels 3/32
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Cosco Brimbled football

  • The Special COSFLEX  Waterproof Material is Highly Durable under all Ground Conditions.
  • Construction hand sewn
  • Recommdended for training
  • Size /Panels 5/32
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Cosco Gold Cup football

  • Made with Imported PU which is  Durable and Long Lasting. Strong Backing Materials is used for Shape Retention.
  •  Strong Backing Materials is used for Shape Retention.
  • construction Hand Sewn
  • Recommdended for professional
  • Size /Panels 5/32
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Cosco Aasan 8 mm Yoga Mat

  • Non Slip Non Toxic Micro Fibre with Carry Bag.
  • Yoga Mat Provides Extra Comfort and Durability.
  • Thickness 8 mm
  • Size L 183 CM * W 61 CM
  • Colour may vary
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Cosco Academy Football

  • Rubber material
  • Most Suitable for  All Weather
  • Hard Ground Conditions
  • Strong Nylon Winding is used for Durability and Shape Retention
  • 32 panels size 5
  • Recommended for Training
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COSCO Academy Volleyball

  • The ball consists of a strong core which is backed by layers of reinforced fabric for stability and shape retention.
  • The outer surface is rubber molded with 10 panels.
  • The ball is suitable to play on all surfaces for recreational play.
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COSCO Acclaim Volleyball

  • PU Leather Pasted 18 Panel,
  • Imported PU Floating Bladder Technology.
  • Soft Feel, Good Shape Retention helps in Accurate Passing and Smashes.
  • Recommended for match
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Cosco Adjustable Dumbbell 2.5 KG-24KG

  • WEIGHT 2.5 KG TO 24 KG
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Cosco Aero 500 Synthetic Material Shuttlecock

  • Durable nylon skirt
  • Foam base
  • Hobby grade
  • Foam Head
  • 6 Pcs in a Tube
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Cosco Aero 700 Synthetic Shuttlecock

  • Durable nylon skirt
  • Foam base
  • Hobby grade
  • Training Grade
  • 6 Pcs in a Tube
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Cosco Aero 727 Synthetic Material Shuttlecock

  • Highly durable nylon skirt
  • Foam base
  • Recreational grade
  • Training Grade
  • 6 Pcs in a Tube
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Cosco Aero 777 Synthetic Shuttlecock

  • Highly durable nylon skirt
  • Cork base
  • Training grade -Ideal for school tournaments.
  • Standard Grade
  • 6 Pcs in a Tube
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Cosco All Court Lawn Tennis Ball

  • Pressurized balls
  • High quality rubber core
  • Imported non-woven felt construction
  • 3 ball in a tube
  • Price per tube
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